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Doda Boots
Doda Boots

Fabulous new design is sweeping the jumping circuit!

Brazilian Olympic rider Alvaro Miranda Neta ("Doda") has designed an incredible advance in jumping boots! This boot actually helps the horse jump better behind! Soft pressure inserts improve the natural hind leg movement over the fences. The exterior protects the horse with a durable leather shell.

Price: $238.00
EUR 190.40
Le Tixerant Girth
Le Tixerant Girth

This girth is just as important as the saddle!

This revolutionary new girth improves performance, muscle and respiratory function.

A wide center made from strong medical textiles breathes with your sport horse as he performs. The Tixerant Girth keeps the saddle centralized and secure with a non-slip rubber pad on the inside of the girth, positioned over the sternum.

Order the LeTixerant girth and wear the blue ribbons every time!

Available in two models in standard lengths:

  • The Hunter/Jumper light or dark brown
  • Dressage girth in black
Price: $279.95
EUR 223.96

Size: :
Color :

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