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What The Experts Say

Karen O’Connor

2007 Pan American Gold Winner
USCTA Lady Rider of the Year 9 times.

“With this unique equestrian training aide, the rider can learn how to become elastic with the horse’s mouth. Elasticity is the key to communication between horse and rider.”

Peter Pletcher

2007 World Champion Hunter Rider

“The Precision Rein provides the perfect balance and control for my horses. I felt the difference immediately and recommend them for all my students.”

Click here to watch Nancy Hinz schooling dressage in  The Precision Rein

Jenny Och Lasse Carlander-Christensson

Rider for the Swedish National Team
Swedish Champion 2009

“This is the BEST piece of equipment I’ve ever purchased for my horse!”

will faudree

Will Faudree

2003 Pan American Gold Medalist
2004 Olympic Traveling Reserve
2005 AEC Advanced Winner

“These reins really work!”

mike huber

Mike Huber

USEA Gold Medal Winner in the Pan American Games
Former United States Equestrian Team Member

“The Precision Rein is extremely effective in developing an elastic connection between horse and rider.”

Melanie Tenney
Nancy Hinz – USDF Trainer

Melanie Tenney

USDF Intermediare Rider, Trainer, and author of: “Connection, What it is and How to Get it”

“The Precision Rein is a very useful teaching aid to help riders develop the feel needed to establish correct connection”