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Customer Reviews

Have The Precision Reins made a difference in your riding? Let us know!

Here’s what some of our friends have to say:

Jenny och Lasse Carlander-Christensson
Grade IV rider for the Swedish National Team
Swedish Champion 2009

“ The Precision Rein is the best piece of equipment I’ve ever purchased for my horse!”

Mike Huber
USEA Gold Medal Winner in the Pan American Games
Former United States Equestrian Team Member

“ The Precision Rein is extremely effective in developing an elastic connection between horse and rider. I have my students work with the Precision Rein to encourage a correct contact with their horse.”

Will Faudree
2003 Pan American Gold Medalist
2004 Olympic Traveling Reserve
2005 AEC Advanced Winner.

“ These reins really work! Additionally, The Precision Reins have relieved my lower back pain when riding on strong horses.”

Megan Rust
Dressage Student

“I received my reins. They are fantastic!!! With my instructor I was able to keep Juno (my mare) in front of my leg when I pick up the loops. We produced some nice moments–and I got a beautiful round canter. It can’t get anything but better from now on. Thank You!

Didi Woods
Instructor San Ramon, California

“Brilliant! I can quit reminding my students and get the job done without nagging! I have students who don’t hold their reins correctly, or think soft contact means open fingers, long reins. These reins enable length control while maintaining a soft hand and fingers.

The result: the horses automatically end up in a frame as they maintain rein contact!!! Also promotes an elastic arm. I thought you’d appreciate the comments! Thank you, Didi Woods”

Lurena Bell Stanley
Region 9 Grand Prix Dressage
Professional Trainer and Competitor

“ Connection is everything. The Precision Rein makes it feel like I have Power Steering!

A Professional Rider has to consider that their hands are going to take a lot of wear and tear, but it’s very hard to protect them. These reins make it possible to ride softly and correctly without having to press down hard with your thumbs. Your hand and arm stay naturally relaxed, and my elbow and shoulder joints are stress free.

New England Dressage Rider

“ My horse loves me! Our trainer brought the Precision Rein to the barn and we all take turns riding in it. I had to buy a pair for my mare. She rode like another horse with the Precision Rein!”

Janet Gunn
USEA Affiliate Eventing Association´s Area II Representative

“ For jumping, the main advantage is I don’t allow the reins to gradually get longer and longer throughout the course. Also, my mare has a tendency to suck back or quicken 3-4 strides out. The Precision Rein makes it easier to avoid “clutching” and improve the approach to the fence.

For dressage, the primary advantage is the feedback. Belle has a tendency to either brace her poll, or curl up.I often end up with my reins too long or too short, by trying to compensate. When riding by myself, I often don’t realize it until I have been riding at the wrong length for a while.

With the Precision reins, I don’t automatically shorten them, so I get more direct feedback that she is STARTING to curl (or conversely starting to brace), and I get my leg on to correct it sooner.

The Precision Rein also gives me feedback on straightness. With regular reins, it is easy to get one rein a LITTLE bit shorter than the other,thereby “enabling” the horse’s natural crookedness.

With a conventional rein, I have to “grip” quite hard, so my mare can’t pull the rein out of my hand, and that makes it difficult to keep my fingers soft. But with the Precision rein, I can use my shoulders and elbow to keep my hand still, and “play” with my fingers, without worrying about the rein slipping.”

Siobhan O’Brien
Previous Area V Chairperson
Competitor and Barn Manager

“The Precision Reins are an incredible tool to develop a feel of the horse’s mouth. They are especially effective with a young horse or new partnership when contact is difficult to keep consistent. I have seen amazing results and was one of the 1st customers to get a set.”

Jackie SmithStonegatefarm.org
Instructional Coordinator for the Western Reserve Pony Club
Assistant Young Rider coordinator for Area VIII

“I have used the Precision Rein personally and with my students.

Many of my students have a problem with allowing the reins to get too long and find this rein is very helpful in keeping a consistent length.

I have found you actually have a softer ‘feel’ on the reins because you are balancing the reins with the rhythm of the horse rather than hanging onto them to keep them from getting too long.

During Pony Club camp I used them with a student who had the opposite problem; she was choking up on the reins and getting them too short.

The Precision Rein solved this problem and improved her balanced position. She began jumping in the reins, and learned to sit up and use her entire body to balance the horse. The improvement was dramatic!

R.Griessel, S. Africa

“I have had tremendous success with the Precision Rein. From the novice riders I’ve seen using these reins (including my husband) I realize how quickly these reins allow them to grasp the importance of having the correct contact at all times.

Previously I had a lot of tension in my hands, arms and shoulder because I must maintain a firm grip on my stallion’s reins to prevent them from slipping and getting longer. He tends to tense up and the reins allow me to have a very soft contact as I can relax my whole arm and shoulder. As result my stallion is more relaxed, carries his head lower and all in all I know have a soft and supple horse.

My KWPN mare is very green, having been brought in from the farm only a month before using the Precision Rein. Within two weeks I had her lowering her head and accepting the contact with no resistance – I am indeed very fortunate to have found this amazing rein and start her off correctly.

As far as my 4 children are concerned, the improvement in their riding in general is tremendous. We have advanced from having to shout a 100 times during a session to shorten the reins, to relaxed ponies and riders who can concentrate on other aspects of their performance knowing that the reins are the correct length and therefore they have the correct contact.

We will certainly never use any other reins again.”