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What Are Precision Reins?

Does your horse move straight, forward and stay in a soft frame?


(Photo: Kahne Smith)

(Photo: Kahne Smith)










The Precision Rein allows all riders to create the perfect contact every time! Horses reach for this new and rewarding contact, and wind up in a frame. Riders feel the difference immediately! You will never hear “Shorten Your Reins” again!


Karen O’Connor (Photo: Kahne Smith)

Karen O’Connor (Photo: Diane DeRosa)

The Precision Rein was voted one of the top “Must Have” Items in Tack-N-Togs! 
Featured in Practical Horseman, Equus, In-Stride, USDF Connection and US Eventing


Start the video (below) to see the Precision Rein in action!

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Customer Review:
Didi Woods – Instructor San Ramon, California
“BRILLIANT! I can quit reminding my students and get the job
done without nagging Our horses AUTOMATICALLY end up in a FRAME!
Thank you, Didi Woods


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